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Aimee & Glenn


After booking our combination package which includes both photography and videography, Aimee and Glenn tied the knot in beautiful bohemian Fashion.

As one of our favourite weddings of the year I have decided to blog the day as both inspiration for those of you planning your own big day and so you can get a feel of what to expect when booking myself for your wedding!

Bridal Prep

Aimee's family home

Myself and Matt (videographer - arrived early morning at Aimee's beautiful Family Home. At this point rollers were in, dressing gowns were on and bridal make up was just beginning (,  an ideal time for me and Matt to jump into action fairly unnoticed as we capture candid and natural moments!


Aimee had with her 2 bridesmaids, both parents, brother and brothers partner. Even with a full and bustling home the atmosphere was very relaxed, Aimee is laid back and chilled by nature, this combined with attentive bridesmaids and a great make up artist made it super easy to capture naturally!



My number one tip to all my brides when choosing to have bridal prep, designate an area (preferably near window light) which is your space for having your hair and make up done and is kept as tidy as possible, this way your images can be beautiful and free from clutter! 



check out this silver fox, When I saw this father of the bride checking on the wedding car arrivals I had to do a quick few portraits of him! although it is traditionally titled 'bridal prep' the morning of the wedding is about so much more than just the bride getting ready. Whether it be mom helping daughter into her dress or the father of the bride taking a minute to think about the day ahead, its all their to be captured so the bride and groom can look back and remember all the smaller details of their big day.


One thing I do like to create is a reveal moment! I know that many brides cherish the photos of dad seeing them in the dress for the first time. So my top tip is to keep dad at bay for the last part of getting ready and then we can get a real reaction! in this case it was easy as Aimee's dad was outside inspecting the two beautiful classic cars that had arrived to take them all to the church. When Aimee opened the door and took her first step outside, I turned to see both her parents swell with absolute pride. beautiful!



And just like that it was time to head to church, with all gear packed up and ready me and Matt ran off ahead eager to capture Glenn at the church waiting on his beautiful bride.




We arrived at the Church to be greeted by a very smiley Glenn and both the couples Family and Friends waiting to enter the church. Glenn looked more than the part in beautiful traditional Scottish attire. 

It was at this point that I realised that the colour palette chosen for this wedding had been expertly dotted throughout, be it flowers, accessories or outfits the colour scheme was perfectly executed. Everyone really did look their absolute best!

With no signs of nerves Glenn waited patiently for his bride to arrive, only checking his watch a few times as it was noted the Bride was of course fashionably late.


With quite a small and restricted area to work in me and matt managed to work around each other so we could capture both the brides entrance and Glenns reaction ,there was definitely a glint in the eye (some may call a tear) as he saw his bride to be enter the church!


When getting married its worth asking what restrictions your venue has on photography/videography. We are very unobtrusive but of course on occasion there are venues that do not allow videography or photography at the front for example, this is usually in churches. Also, although we are fully licensed to fly our drone, again it is worth checking that your venue allows it.



Vows said, rings exchanged and a kiss to seal the deal!

With the ceremony done and the registers signed Aimee and Glenn left the Church hand in hand, greeted by a surprise bag piper. The Guests all gathered outside and waited their turn to congratulate the newlyweds. A surprise visit from the family dog always goes down well, even the dog was dressed for the occasion!


Gorcott Hall

Reception Venue


Having set off before the couple, family were ready and waiting at Gorcott Hall to welcome the newlyweds. This point of a wedding is a crucial part for me as a photographer as usually there is limited time between arriving at a venue and sitting down for the wedding breakfast. I like to plan ahead with my group photos and get a list off the couple, so it can be worked through quickly and nobody is left out! 


I often start with a full group shot, so guests that aren't needed after that point can go ahead and relax and whilst I have everyones attention from a high point I can let them know the plan for photos before the wedding breakfast. My preferred run down for groups shots goes as follows:

- full group shot 

- family and friends

- wedding party 

- couple shoot (I often split the couple shoot into two parts, one before dinner and then if the light allows some evening shots in the golden light of sunset!)


Wedding Breakfast

Everyones favourite time of the day, speeches and food! 

entering the dining area at Gorcott Hall before all the guests, the room was beautifully decorated and complete with polaroid photos hung across the walls. 


I consider the best mans speeche a success when I see the groom with his head in his hands and everyone around him laughing their heads off. Glenns best man did not let the crowd down, the speeches were full off both laughter and tears. 

Evening Reception


As day turns to night we managed to quickly take the couple off for 5 minutes to get some golden hour shots, two things top on my list when visiting a venue before the big day are finding out where there is a high point for a full group shot and where the sun sets!

Our working day starts to come to an end after the first dance but we always stay to capture the party vibes! with a live band starting the mood was great and all the guests were ready to hit the dance floor! If the budget allows I would always opt for a live band, never fails to get a crowd going! 

Highlight Video


Kind Words....

"So hard to put into words just how good Jamie is at capturing moments, big ones, little ones, the things anyone else would easily miss.. the creativity to see moments before they even happen is fascinating. Most importantly all of the photographs are so natural. What this guy wouldn’t take a picture of isn’t worth capturing. 
A genuine talent and someone who loves his work and takes great pride in it!
To top it all off Jamie, you are a top guy and it was our pleasure to have you at our wedding. Thank you"


Glenn and Aimee

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