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Its your big day that  you've been planning for months....years even!


Now you need choose someone to capture all the big moments and all the little details. I hope that's me, so here's a little about what I do...


I absolutely love my job! I believe that to capture people at their best a photographer has to become a friend.

The one comment that I get frequently is that  couples and guests were happy with my approach and felt comfortable, to me that is one of the biggest compliments I could get. Its one of the most enjoyable days of your lives make sure you get on with your suppliers!

My Style I describe as natural and relaxed, I want to capture as many real and authentic moments as I can throughout your day. This may be completely candid or what I like to call 'controlled candids' this means I'm not afraid to get stuck in and make sure that you get the best shots possible. For example,  you're about to have a first look moment with dad and I've instructed you to stand in a certain spot for the best light ...but the moment itself will be authentic and natural. 


Simple is better.... so I have designed my packages to be as straight forward as possible to help you get exactly what you need and more. 

Interested in me being your photographer? ...


About Me...

Jamie Flood Photography
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